Venice Beach

Early Friday morning with the offshore hustling off the beach and the overnight campers rustling with the sand. Hope your day started off brightly.  

Venice Beach, California. 


Rincon Mission

Early morning mission North along the Pacific 101, to one of the most iconic surf breaks in the world. Rincon Point. 

Sunday Afternoon

Santa Monica Morning

Beautiful cold winter conditions in Santa Monica this morning. 


Where we are now...

So much has come and gone in the last few months.  From long layovers in London to safari sunsets on the Nambiti Game Reserve. From winter swells in Durban to sticky summer concerts at the pier in Santa Monica.  Our summer is nearly over and it feels we've just begun.  We recently celebrated our wedding on two separate continents with totally different groups of family and friends, but there was one continuity - pretty flowers, good vibes, sand and salt.  It's always been important to us to keep things low key and we succeeded in having a stress free celebration that was simple, sweet and included the people we cared for most.

Lighthouse and the Box .jpg
Zebra checking .jpg